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The world's most romantic hotels have a real love

Date: 2018-11-11

The couple holding hands in the streets and beach embracing love, they really enjoy love?Maybe a lot of people like me, think love is just a beautiful legend.Ten million people, can the butterfly lovers is only a pair of butterfly lovers, all other pupation, moth, into a cockroach.

Look at the world's most romantic hotels, it's called vincenzo montella viniar, it in Sri Lanka, it has a real love, tell us about the British governor Sir Thomas monte rand and dancers ravi na ancient love story.Resonant, tend to be in love can't be together.

In Sri Lanka's southern cape, one of the world's most romantic hotel.200 years ago, it began a love story.Today, it has become an ideal place for lovers dating and marriage.

The hotel has a romantic name - vincenzo montella viniar.It is located 12 kilometers from the sri lankan capital Colombo on the ends of the earth.Retained in the 19th century colonial style of architecture should be relief to the sea stretching, swimming pool and the view balcony on three sides.

The world's most romantic hotel

Tunnels dug up a "love"

Hotel main entrance, one head GuoKui colonial white cap, dressed in the same style, white greeter served waiter came a guide for tourists.

Step into the hotel gate, spacious front yard, stood a beautiful sculpture.Her charm gracefuls established in the fountain, as if to tells a romantic the past to the tourists.

The statue of the prototype is a beautiful half-blood dancer, Portugal, her name is ravi, appen suva.In 1805, the British at the beginning of the second governor Sir Thomas monte rand office, at the welcome party, and the band, the daughter of captain and chief dancer ravi na love at first sight.

Since then, the governor tried to date with ravi na.In building this is, in fact, he and ravi na "love nest" villa, he purposely let a person from underground wine cellar dug a 600 meter long tunnel, leading to ravi na home is an abandoned Wells in the garden, in order to date and ravi na.

Ravi na belongs to low caste.According to the law of the time, low caste women are not allowed to wear coat.Monte rand changed the law.From then on, all like ravi na low caste women in Sri Lanka, ended the history of don't wear coat.He will also pull weina name cleverly embedded into the name of the cottage.

However, the social status and public will eventually monte and his lover.In 1811, he was sent to Malta.Monte rand lifelong not marry, and die in Malta.

Many celebrities lived

Mnte land, there lived four British governor.Later, the British have slashed the governor of the cost of housing.1831, it was abandoned.During cholera epidemic in 1833, the British army was once here as a nursing home.

In 1842, a man named John McVeigh's pastor, bought the house with the price of 120 pounds a year.John in literature and science attainments are high, invited a lecturer at Colombo college painter dwell with him, at that time the literati painters gathered here, write another kind of love.

Since 1858, montella viniar become near-far famous family hotel, people here enjoy go bathing, enjoy the west coast of Colombo.

After 1877, montella viniar became the hotel.In the early 20th century, vincenzo montella viniar welcomed another important guest: to the moon and sixpence for the Chinese readers are familiar with the famous British writer, travelers William the somerset maugham.In montella viniar stay days, maugham likes to write on the balcony of his room.

During the second world war, vincenzo montella viniar once become allied hospitals.The film "the bridge on the river kwai" showed this period of history.

The ideal place to visit his lover

In 1975, sri lankan eamon DE to buy the hotel, its expansion into a modern hotel.In 2000, the United States "newsweek" it voted one of the "meeting place" best in the world.Since then, montella viniar has also been rated as one of the world's most romantic hotel.

In vincenzo montella viniar hotel, often can encounter of young people to the wedding.Perhaps vincenzo montella viniar romantic history, there has been a lovers an ideal place for dating and marriage.

Hotel on the right side, on several steps, is the most beautiful beach in the outskirts of Colombo.This beach is now very busy, people can come here to swim, surf, play a ball game.The hotel food and beverage quietly hidden under the coconut trees in the thatched houses.Sitting outside on a wooden chair on the beach, facing the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, eating seafood just called, in vincenzo montella viniar unique romantic atmosphere, what to eat, want to what is not important.