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Studies show that female travelers are one of the fastest growing groups

Date: 2020-03-19

According to a survey of more than 1,000 women traveling in India and abroad, safety is the number one requirement for hotels. The survey results further show that women want hotels to provide them with a seamless accommodation experience through more attentive service. In addition to these guarantees, 78% of female travelers will prefer local cuisine when traveling, 69% want healthier eating choices, and 61% prefer small portions. In addition, other services such as female housekeepers (61%) and female private shoppers (69%) can also affect their choice of hotel.

Renu Basu, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at IHCL International, said, "As a global organization, we not only recognize the contribution of women in the industry and society, but also recognize that their value is increasing and the impact on companies is increasing. It ’s getting bigger. Women ’s consumption accounts for 85% of total consumers and plays a very important role in affecting business and leisure travel. Therefore, responding to their ideas and needs is our absolute priority. Those who work actively and comprehensively with The brands that female travellers deal with will definitely benefit in the coming decades. "

Other studies have also shown that female consumers are more scrutinized about their buying decisions, and in turn they are more loyal to the brands they choose. For example, globally, 27% of women insist on choosing their favorite brand regardless of price, quality, convenience, or brand promise, while only 21% of men do.

These views and insights have clear and important implications for the tourism and hospitality industries. 76% of women are interested in earning points in the loyalty program, compared to 69% of men, and 40% of women are currently participating in restaurant loyalty programs, compared to only 34% of men.

According to IHCL data, the number of female tourists is growing at twice the rate of men. Since 2015, the number of female tourists at IHCL hotels has increased by 33% year-on-year, and in terms of contribution, female guests now account for nearly 34% of the guest room business.

Adhering to the values that promote diversity and inclusion, IHCL has always recognized the importance of women, whether as hotel employees or guests. In response to the ever-changing needs of female travellers, the company has further strengthened and launched new services for female travellers in many of its hotels, including the highest security standards such as phone screening, and policies to maintain customer privacy. The hotel also offers special services for women, such as small portions, low calories, healthier dining options, as well as special indoor facilities and planning shopping and sightseeing trips.